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Needles, founded in 1883, is one of the oldest living communities on the Colorado River, rich in history and promise for the future. The fabric of it’s past is intricately woven of influences of the river, the railroad, Old Trails Highway (later Route 66), the Mojave Indian Tribe, and pre-history – evidence of which abounds on the land. Perhaps most of all it has been influenced by it’s climate… hot summers offset by mild and wonderful winters.

Today Needles provides many attractions to its winter and summer visitors. The East Mojave National Scenic Area offers a vast variety of desert scenes and wildlife. The Colorado River has some of the finest boating and fishing possibilities found anywhere. The Needles Municipal Golf Course, which overlooks the river, is a professional 18 hole course with a driving range, golf carts and pro shop. The Topock Gorge and Havasu Wildlife Refuge area can provide hours of enjoyment. The City of Needles, due to our smog-free desert environment, the attraction of the Colorado River as a recreation/resort area, our warm year round climate and especially the friendly residents, is the place to be!

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